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Sathi Maiti
Laura M Periman
Natasha Balani


To report a case of dupilumab induced ocular surface disease (DIOSD) managed with intense pulsed light (IPL) as an effective adjunct therapy to topical steroids and topical immunomodulator lifitegrast.
Discussion of a patient’s case with accompanying anterior segment and meibography photos with diagnosed DIOSD for which adjunct therapy with IPL was an effective treatment after limited relief from and difficulty with adherence to traditional treatment with topical steroids and lifitegrast ophthalmic solutions. Conclusion
This case demonstrates the complexity of management required to treat patients with DIOSD and its chronic nature. IPL as a nonpharmaceutical adjunct therapy to topical steroids and immunomodulators in the treatment of DIOSD showed improved signs and symptoms of DIOSD.


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Sathi Maiti, Periman Eye Institute, Seattle, WA, USA

Department of Ocular Surface Disease and Clinical Research, Periman Eye Institute, Seattle, WA, USA

Laura M Periman, Periman Eye Institute, Seattle, WA, USA

Department of Dry Eye Services and Clinical Research, Periman Eye Institute, Seattle, WA, USA

Natasha Balani, Periman Eye Institute, Seattle, WA, USA

Periman Eye Institute, Seattle, WA, USA


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